A train ride through time
brings me back 
to the feeling
of being loved.
I look out the window
and see pictures
passing by,
back to front,
from my memory,
distorted by speed.
Your hand on my knee
and the weak feeling
inside my stomach
yet strong enough
to turn it upside down.
Your bright blue eyes,
because you’re about
to kiss me,
looking at me like
there is nothing else.
Your soft lips
on mine,
impossible picture,
but feelings framed

Marieke 2014/8/29

The window is closed
and the glass unclear,
still she wants to look outside,
see the perfectly displayed
untruths of others.
There is no way
to make her see inside
but by closing the curtains
and force her inward.
She needs to know,
without getting distracted
by the blatant exhibition of selves,
all she needs is inside.
There is so much there
to explore, to enjoy,
if only she would know,
if only she could place her glance
to the only world she needs.

Marieke 2014/8/28