She feels miles away
when she touches me.
Her kisses are like
worn out tracks
of an ancient trail;
cruise control.
Her eyes
mirror no more,
they are a dark abyss
where I get lost.
I keep looking for light,
try to set fire,
so I can see inside her,
but a cold breeze
kills my attempt.
I think it’s over,
but she doesn’t tell me,
she continues
her fake feelings
to protect us,
not knowing she destroyes
our printed picture,
our memories
while they last.

Marieke 2014/7/26

Don’t keep her 
away from coming,
let her be adventurous
and not made of sugar,
let her get to me
soaking wet,
wanting to take
her clothes off.
I’ll hang them to dry,
lend her a comfy outfit
and feed her,
so she feels warm and safe.
And then I’ll look at her,
her rain trashed hair,
her rosy face
and her sexyness
in my sloppy sweater.
And I will love her
for every raindrop
from the sky.


Marieke 2014/7/25